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Antitrust and competition law regulation is one of the fastest growing areas of commercial oversight in the US and also around the world.  More than 120 nations have enacted antitrust and competition law statutes, and many more are currently doing so.  Companies and individuals operating in the US and abroad are facing an expanding network of laws and regulations creating a commercial environment where antitrust and competition law exposure is becoming the norm.  In today's global regulatory arena, apparently routine business practices, new commercial ventures, and seemingly competitive market strategies may entail some level of antitrust risk.  


A.R. Collins Global Antitrust, Competition & Business Law Consulting, is well placed to help you understand the myriad of complex laws which comprise the network of US and global antitrust and competition law enforcement, in order to limit your antitrust exposure.

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About Us

A.R. Collins Global Antitrust, Competition & Business Law Consulting was launched by antitrust attorney Alexander Collins with the goal of helping companies and individuals navigate the complicated web of US federal and state antitrust laws, and also the competition laws of other major jurisdictions worldwide.  We aim to provide clients with a one stop shop where they can find clarity and help in addressing antitrust issues that arise in their home jurisdictions, and also competition law hurdles they may face in overseas markets where they have business operations or might have commercial contacts sufficient to subject them to foreign antitrust and competition laws, and related foreign commercial regulations.  

Mr. Collins is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. He earned law degrees from Boston College Law School (JD), King's College, London (LLM with merit), and the City University of Hong Kong (LLM with distinction), where he focused on US antitrust and foreign competition law, international trade law and related commercial regulations in the US, Europe and Asia.


Previously, Mr. Collins practiced law at a global antitrust, business law and commercial litigation law firm based in Washington, D.C. and with offices around the world.  He has represented clients and has also consulted on a range of antitrust, competition and commercial law matters in the US, EU, Asia and Latin America.  He brings to his legal consulting services solid academic credentials plus strong representative and advisory experience covering a broad range antitrust, competition and commercial law matters in the US and in many global jurisdictions. 

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Experience & Clients

Legal representation and consulting services have been provided to clients in a number of industries dealing with many distinct antitrust, competition and business law matters including, inter alia:

Defense counsel for major US oil company in federal & state antitrust price fixing litigation.

Defense counsel for multinational oil company in federal antitrust predatory pricing litigation. 

Defense counsel in strict product liability litigation in the bicycle industry. 

Defense counsel for global heavy equipment manufacturer in computer software infringement litigation. 

Defense counsel for leading electric generator manufacturer in antitrust and dealer termination litigation in overseas US territory. 

Plaintiff's counsel for New England engineering firm in a matter of alleged patent infringement in the supplemental heating system sector.

Antitrust counsel on proposed merger and joint ventures in the US & EU home fashions sector. 

Antitrust counsel on international beer distribution joint venture in the US and Brazilian premium beer markets.


Antitrust counsel before the European Commission on international merger in the diamond mining and marketing sectors.


Antitrust counsel for party to a joint venture involving the distribution of radiological imaging agents in medical screening sector. 


Consulting with existing Hong Kong businesses on antitrust, competition, trade and other commercial law aspects of potentially relocating to the US, EU & Canada, following imposition of the 2020 Hong Kong National Security Law.


Consulting with top Argentine beef producer on antitrust, trade, and health & safety law aspects of importing premium grass-fed Argentine beef to the US.

Consulting with leading US seafood processor on antitrust and trade law implications of export strategies designed to legally surmount heightened trade barriers, following a 25% increase in Chinese tariffs on specialty US seafood products.

Consulting  with a prominent international aid organization on the potential for using US antitrust and foreign competition laws to achieve ESG oriented goals.


Consulting with craft brewer on domestic and foreign antitrust, competition and trade law implications of creating an export consortium of small breweries in order to increase economic efficiencies associated with coordinated domestic and international distribution of their respective craft beer brands.

Consulting pro bono with public interest group advising on antitrust implications of proposed national program intended to mitigate food insecurity exacerbated by the Covid 19 epidemic and by climate change and associated natural disasters including wildfires, drought and flooding events. 


Served pro bono as lead New England region attorney working with a national law firm on a civil opioid litigation initiative seeking redress for municipal harm caused by the opioid epidemic, resulting from the deceptive marketing practices of national prescription opioid manufacturers and distributors. 


 * Direct client references available upon request.


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What We Do

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Antitrust / General Business Practice Legal Risk Assessment
& Compliance Counseling

By evaluating client business practices, we can identify areas of potential antitrust exposure and related legal risk in order to limit the potential for government enforcement agency investigations, private lawsuits and often associated criminal and civil antitrust, competition & business law liability. 

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Matter-Specific Antitrust, Competition & Business Law Counseling

When clients have specific business proposals in mind, we work with them to structure new ventures so that they comply with antitrust and competition law requirements in the US and abroad, limiting legal exposure and potential liability in domestic and foreign markets.

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Antitrust  & Business Law Strategy Advisory Services

Clients looking to gain a competitive edge in their established market can rely on us to fine-tune their strategies to ensure compliance with US and foreign antitrust and competition law regulations, helping them to get ahead of their competitors while limiting their potential antitrust and competition law liability both domestically and abroad. 

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